Nuclear Fuel Rods

MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP has a long history of manufacturing high-quality tubes for nuclear fuel rods, going back to the UK’s first generation of gas cooled reactors in the 1970s.

Today we support customers worldwide at the earliest stages of design engineering for new builds, plant maintenance, global life extension projects and Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

Nuclear Fuel Rods and Cans

Our tubes are deployed in the nuclear fuel rods and cans of advanced gas-cooled reactors. Here they endure extreme temperatures and pressures. Precision, quality, and performance are crucial.


We process tubes for nuclear fuel rods and cans in stainless steel alloys (20/25Nb).


From 2.4mm (0.095mm) up to 45mm (1.77mm). Other sizes are available on request, starting from 0.15mm (0.006”) OD

RCC-M, ASME III Compliant

We have the plant capability to make quality-assured tubing compliant with RCC-M and ASME III QSC (under customer approval) for nuclear programs. Product integrity is assured from melt to the finished tube.