Instrumentation Tubes

Major players in the oil and gas extraction industries rely on MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP for corrosion-resistant tubing to protect their control systems and instrumentation.

Custom-Made for Corrosive Oil and Gas Environments

Thousands of metres beneath the surface of the sea, our high-quality tubes are deployed in control units for hydraulic pumps, measuring devices, subsea manifolds, and templates. Onshore applications include control panels and topside processing facilities.


High strength stainless steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys are used in manufacture. Operating conditions can require our products to be rated up to 60,000Psi and with tensile strengths greater than 220ksi (1,515 MPa).


Control and instrumentation tubing is available from 1.6mm (0.063”) OD up to 38.1mm (1 1/2″) OD. The standard tubes are available in nominal 6m straight lengths or in coiled form. Specialist non-standard sizes are available on request.

NORSOK Accreditation

NORSOK accreditation verifies that a manufacturer has met the global requirements for the oil and gas sector. Our NORSOK-accredited alloys include 625, 825, Monel® 400, 904L, super duplex, 6Mo, 316/316L, 904L, and Ti Grade 2.