Heat Exchanger Tubes

MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP leads the manufacture of precision tubes required in the fabrication of shell and tube heat exchangers.

Our heat exchanger tubes are used for the cooling, heating, or re-heating of fluids, gases, or air in a diverse range of industries.


MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP heat exchanger products are produced as seamless, welded or welded redrawn tubes in the following materials nickel alloys, stainless steels, duplex, super duplex.


Our tube heat exchanger products are available at dimensions between 12.70 mm and 38.10mm OD, which covers most of the standard sizes used.

We also specialize in the production of small diameter thin wall tubing associated with heat transfer applications in the aerospace and nuclear industries.

Trusted Heat Exchanger Solutions

Our heat exchanger tubes are trusted to perform consistently in critical sectors including chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, oil refining, nuclear power generation and aerospace.