Cooling and Specialist Tubes

MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP is a leading supplier of high-quality cooling and heat exchanger tubing across a range of industries.

Nuclear Cooling Tubes

Our high-quality seamless cooling tubes are trusted by the world’s major nuclear reactor suppliers for range of technologies. Typical alloys include stainless steel alloys 690, 304, and 825. Nuclear island applications include:

  • Passive residual heat removal heat exchangers regenerative
  • Non-regenerative heat exchangers

Turbine island nuclear applications include condenser tubes, stator bars for water and hydrogen cooling in generators, and cryogenic heat exchanger tubes.

Chemical Process Cooling Tubes

Customers in the chemical process industry rely on our cooling tubes for critical heat exchangers and condensers. Corrosion resistant materials for this sector include nickel alloys C276, C22, and 600.

Aerospace Cooling Tubes

In the aerospace industry, Fine Tubes heat exchanger tubes are deployed in commercial and military aircraft engines. We supply heat exchanger tubes for engine cooling systems, mainly in stainless steel or nickel alloys.