Aerospace Hydraulic Tubes

MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP is a leading supplier of aerospace hydraulic tubes where they are deployed in the airframes and engines of both commercial and military aircraft.

Our thin wall tubes are used to actuate flight control surfaces that bear heavy aerodynamic loads such as flaps and slats. They are also crucial components in aircraft landing gear and brake systems.

Trusted by Major Airframe Manufacturers

MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP is one of only a handful of tube mills worldwide qualified to produce the titanium tubing used for the 5,000psi high-pressure hydraulic systems of the Airbus family. Titanium provides a weight saving of 42% compared to the equivalent quantity of traditional stainless steel tubing.


MPJ Tubing Solutions LLP supplies lightweight hydraulic tubes as straight lengths primarily in the following grades:

  • Titanium – 3Al2.5V, 4Al2.5V, CP Grade 2
  • Stainless steels – 21-6-9 (welded), 347, 321, 304/304L
  • Nickel alloys – 75, C263, 600, 625, 718 (high temperature)


Sizes of our hydraulic tubes range from 5mm (0.20 in) to 38.1mm (1.5 in) outside diameter and we can supply to imperial or metric standard measurements.