Stainless Steel capillary Tube

ASTM / ASME A688, A213 / SA 688, SA 213

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With in-house quality testing and certification, you can count on quality materials delivered with proper documentation.

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Stainless Steel Capillary Tubes

Stainless Steel Capillary Tube

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M P JAIN is a steel capillary tubing manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of a superior quality wide range of Stainless Steel Capillary Tubes. A high quality seamless capillary tube is made from a single homogeneous piece of steel with a continuous, uninterrupted grain structure, it is more suitable for applications which require consistent material throughout the tubing. Welds and mechanical fittings permit discontinuities that can encourage crevice corrosion and mechanical failure.Over the past fifty years, thin wall small diameter precision metal tubing has undergone quite a transformation. The main advantages of micro stainless steel capillary tubes are their high accuracy, low cost, and simplicity. High precision and Seamless stainless steel capillary tubes are used in a wide range of instrumentation measurement applications. Based on a heavy wall, small diameter construction (typically 1/8” or less), SS tubing is used in critical applications like nuclear reactors and resistojets in aerospace.

From being single drawing mills into one-stop tube fabrication shops, where the tube is customized to a customer’s specifications. With fabrication, we cut random tube lengths to size and perform numerous operations, including bending, expanding, laser cutting or welding, or swaging. Whether you need to replace system tubing as part of your troubleshooting or want to reduce the dwell volume of your system as you move to narrower columns, We are having quality capillary tubings in the lengths and IDs you need. Each ID is color-coded, so it is easy to identify and replace correctly. Tubing is precision cut, resulting in clean, square-cut ends without ovality.

Stainless Steel Capillary Tube Size

Gauge Outer dia meter(mm) Inner dia meter(mm) Wall(mm)
Length Package
Average Min Max Average Min Max meter meter
14G-RW 2.11 2.082 2.133 1.60 1.550 1.650 0.255 2 1,000
15G-RW 1.83 1.816 1.841 1.37 1.333 1.409 0.230 2 1,000
16G-RW 1.65 1.638 1.663 1.19 1.155 1.231 0.230 2 2,000
17G-RW 1.47 1.460 1.485 1.07 1.028 1.104 0.200 2 2,000
18G-RW 1.27 1.257 1.282 0.84 0.800 0.876 0.215 2 2,000
19G-RW 1.07 1.054 1.079 0.68 0.647 0.723 0.195 2 4,000
20G-RW 0.91 0.900 0.914 0.60 0.584 0.622 0.155 2 5,000
21G-RW 0.82 0.812 0.825 0.51 0.495 0.533 0.155 2 5,000
22G-RW 0.72 0.711 0.723 0.41 0.393 0.431 0.155 2 5,000
23G-RW 0.64 0.635 0.647 0.33 0.317 0.355 0.155 2 5,000
24G-RW 0.56 0.558 0.571 0.31 0.292 0.330 0.125 1.5 10,000
25G-RW 0.51 0.508 0.520 0.26 0.241 0.279 0.125 1.5 10,000
26G-RW 0.46 0.457 0.469 0.26 0.241 0.279 0.100 1.5 10,000
27G-RW 0.41 0.406 0.419 0.21 0.190 0.228 0.100 1.5 10,000
28G-RW 0.36 0.355 0.368 0.18 0.165 0.203 0.090 1.2 10,000
29G-RW 0.34 0.330 0.343 0.18 0.165 0.203 0.080 1.2 10,000
30G-RW 0.31 0.305 0.318 0.16 0.139 0.177 0.075 1.2 10,000
Customized sizes other than above can be manufactured on request

We offer Customize Cut Length

SS Capillary Tube to save time of our customers.

All of our materials are corrosion resistant and withstand a variety of severe environmental conditions. New alloys are constantly tested and evaluated for specific applications. Our engineering staff welcomes the opportunity to work with customers to solve special problems.


Size Range

  • Outer Diameter: 0.8 –5 mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.015 – 1.5 mm
  • Length: As per customer requirement
  • Specifications: ASME / ASTM A213, ASTM A688 / A688M
  • Finish: Pickled, Polished, Bright Annealed, Electrolytic Polished



    • Capillary Tubes are cut on CNC machine.
    • Rust free & corrosion resistant.
    • Free from burr & dents.
    • Etched with respective thickness.


    Alloy Capillary Tube

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    Stainless Steel Capillary Tube Quality Control

    To ensure a quality product, MPJ is holding certificate ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2007, OHSAS 18001:2004, & CE-PED 97/23/EC. We are also members of various renowned agencies and Chambers of Commerce including MASSMA, EEPC, FICCI, FIEO, Indian Merchants Chamber, etc. With state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, contemporary technologies, and proficient services, we consider: offering the finest quality, best in class products. Compliance with specifications as per standards, Outer Diameter, Thickness, Inside Diameter, Inside Finish, Marking, Ends, and Finishing. This ensures that we never face a rejection of the Stainless Steel Capillary Tube supplied.

    Brand – MPJ

    SS Capillary Tube are marked in requirement of the international standards. Format: " BRAND-SIZE-SPECIFICATION-GRADE-HEAT NUMBER-LOT NUMBER "

    This marking helps for the identification of the tube and supported with the Material Test Report. It is 100% traceable to our mill.

    SS Capillary Tube
    Stainless Steel Capillary Tube Packing & Documentation

    ASME SA688 Capillary Tube are surface wash and clean to remove all impurities and stock in the warehouse. Then it is wrapped in thin plastic and also it ends are protected by plastic caps to avoid any damage in transit. SS Seamless Pipe is bundled in bubble wrap followed by assorting them in colored plastic bundles. An outer rope is tied to protect the tubing and they are packed in wooden box or container.

    MPJ Provide SS Capillary Tube and Stainless Steel Capillary Tube with all necessary documents such as commercial invoice, packing list, Test Reports, HS Code, Country of Origin attested by the chamber of commerce, Fumigation Certificate, Warranty Letter, and Base Material Certificates. Every lot is supplied with a material test certificate as per EN 10204 NACE 3.1 standards indicating the chemical and mechanical properties of the Instrumentation Tubes.

    We also confirm the guarantee of the Stainless Steel Capillary Tubes supplied as per Purchase order specifications and attest the same in the Material Test Certificate. We also welcome any third party inspection from an agency nominated by the customer to comply with NACE 3.2 Certification if required by the customer at an extra cost.

    Stainless Steel Capillary Tube Application Industries

    • Oil & Gas Exploration
    • Petrochemicals and Refineries
    • Cross Country Pipe Line for Gas & Water
    • Pipes for Engineering purpose
    • Thermal, Nuclear and Solar Power Plants
    • Desalination Plants
    • Chemical Industries
    • Aerospace
    • Atomic Energy
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food and Dairy
    • Automobile

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